Scan code for vulnerabilities in a matter of minutes – for FREE.

Check your code for threats in just minutes and get expert advice on improving your app or website security from our experienced engineers.

Fast & Efficient Code Scanning in Your Environment

Get accurate reporting to quickly identify any threats or vulnerabilities in just minutes, saving you valuable time on every development.

Compliant With All Stringent Security Standards

Our cloud-based solutions are fully compliant with all stringent security standards including CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT & SANS. So you know your code is in safe hands.

Advice from Engineers on Reducing Threats

Get a personal tour of Kiuwan’s Code Security Solution from one of our experienced engineers and get tailored advice on reducing risks in the future. 

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   Detect vulnerabilities and threats in a matter of minutes 

  Get tailored advice from experienced engineers on reducing future threats 

  Discover how Kiuwan can help you scan code quickly, identify risks faster and optimise your time to market

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✓    Fast and efficient scanning and reporting

✓    Compliant with all security standards

✓    Tailored advice from experienced engineers

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You know code, we know code security

Kiuwan’s cloud-based Code Security Solution acts as your eyes and ears throughout the entire development process. Helping you mitigate risks, make more accurate decisions and reduce your time to market dramatically. 

Where other leading companies provide reports in days or hours, we provide accurate vulnerability reporting in just minutes.

Meaning you can get on with the important stuff while we keep an eye on your code.

Trusted by 12,000+ users worldwide

Leading brands all over the globe use Kiuwan to govern their business applications, 
make informed decisions and optimise their time to market.

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FREE Code Security Health Check 

"☆☆☆☆☆  A great tool for developers to validate code compliance.”   

-  Fernando P, Cybersecurity Specialist